Hello, Thank you for taking the time to look at my website. My name is Christopher Schwanke and I am the owner ofIntegrity Custom Floors LLCAll of my Hardwood Flooring projects are owner supervised, and I do all of my own work.
 We specialize in Sanding and Refinishing of new and old Hardwood Flooring. Our sanding process is 98% dust free. During the process we can fill in moderate cracks with wood filler. We can also repair bad boards like water damaged boards, and pet stained boards.  We are experienced in laying down both oil and water based finishes and you  can choose betwen a satin, or a semigloss sheen.We also install hardwood flooring. We install all types of pre-finished hardwoods, and laminates. We also install raw unfinished hardwoods that we would sand and finish in home.
 We have carpet and tile removal and disposal services. We can remove trim and re-install after the projet is complete.
We also install tile upon special request.

Quality Craftmanship
left and right are holes from a pre existing wall that has been tore out
After we cut out the rows and laced the boards back into the floor
After we sanded and finished the floor and did the repair work
before, gray spots and traffic areas
During Sanding process

After stain and finish

Pre finished red oak carpet to hardwood transition
Boarder around the fireplace
Transition to tile
Adding a border to a oak floor
Stain red mahogaony
wood filler to hide cracks in an old floor
stained golden oak and the wood is a 2 1/4 red oak
Area where a area rug had been placed for 6 years
vacume system on one of our sanders
final product golden oak stain with 3 coats of satin polyurthane
Bambo pre finished material